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Welcome to my Homepage!

In July 2001 I was permitted to represent clients in lawsuits in the whole of Germany being based at the district court in Herford (Amtsgericht) and the district court Bielefeld (Landgericht).

My main interest is law of social security which is obvious because I work as a full-time employee in public health insurance at the Betriebskrankenkasse Herford Minden Ravensberg (BKK HMR, 2001 to 2021) and at the bkk melitta hmr (since 2022) in Herford, West Germany .

If you think you need my advice I would like to ask you to contact me by phone, fax or mail first to make an appointment so I can make the time to listen to your problem.

To find you way to my office please click on “Map” above.

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I’m looking forward to your call!


signed Thomas Kröger

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