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“This is a car and not a philosophy of life”
To be true - a BMW, and definetly not a small one. It’s f...ing expensive to keep and it’s f...ing fun to drive! To keep costs at an acceptable level, I’m not driving on regular fuel but on LPG - that’s less than half the cost of 98 octane fuel. Price is currently at 99 Euro-Cents per litre at my favourite station, which is in Dortmund - “enemy territory” ;-)!

Favourite VfL-Players:
Thomas Stickroth, Thomas Reis, Rein van Duijnhoven, Sören Colding, Thomas Zdebel, Anthar Yahia, Michael Esser, Felix Bastians, Thomas Eisfeld, Anthony Losilla, Gerrit Holtmann, Ivan Ordets

Sorry, but you won’t find any freely accessible photos of me on the net. At least I hope so!

Very few good ones. They know who they are, I know who they are, and that’s definetely enough. I don’t meet many people...

- VfL Bochum (See link-section)
- Biking
- Computers - From time to time I help some people with their PCs, though it’s driving me crazy sometimes.

From 2001 to December 31st, 2021 employed as legal counsel at Betriebskrankenkasse Herford Minden Ravensberg (Public health insurance), since 2022 at the legal department of bkk melitta hmr (see link-section)
Lawyer as a sideline

Languages (in alphabetical order):
Deutsch, English, Francais, Latin

Main interest as a lawyer:
German law of social security
German law of compulsory execution

Practiced sports: